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When we team up, we have a real talk about what you want and where you’re headed. From there, we come up with a smart PPC plan that’ll make your business boom and your profits increasing, all while sticking to your budget. We’re all about getting you the best returns, not just more clicks.

Our AdWords pros are experts at bidding on the perfect keywords and driving valuable traffic through Google & Bing Ads. We’re all about targeting the right audience and making sure our ads bring in qualified leads.

A successful PPC campaign generates leads of the highest quality and requires a meticulously crafted and optimized landing page. In the absence of an information-rich landing page, your investment may not yield optimal results.

With our Conversion Optimization Services, we go beyond simply managing your PPC campaigns. We specialize in fine-tuning every aspect of your campaigns to ensure that every click counts.

At DataSense Marketing, we’ve got your back when it comes to PPC campaigns. Our awesome call-tracking feature gives you the power to track your phone leads, analyze your campaign performance, and make smarter decisions to boost your business. It’s like having a secret weapon for maximizing your ROI!

At DataSense Marketing, our custom automated scripts are here to revolutionize your PPC campaigns. With these powerful tools, you can effortlessly manage bids and automatically pause underperforming keywords, allowing you to optimize your campaigns with ease.

PPC Marketing Deliverables

Increase Quality Leads

Focus on targeting the audience that really matters.

More Inbound Phone Calls

Persuade your potential clients to pick up the phone.

Grow Your Sales

Convert visitors into customers.

Improve Your Roi

Get more than just clicks – get real business!

Google & Bing Ads Campaign Management

As your AdWords campaign manager, our primary objective is to optimize your paid search campaigns for maximum results. Our team of experienced PPC specialists excels in crafting compelling ads that resonate with your target audience and fine-tuning campaigns for optimal performance.

At DataSense Marketing, we pride ourselves on having skilled Google Ads (formerly AdWords) managers who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results in the realm of pay-per-click marketing.

We ensure that your company’s online presence is maximized to attract potential customers effectively by leveraging the power of Google and exploring additional avenues such as Bing.

Social Media Advertising & Management

Paid search campaigns are not the sole contenders in the marketing arena. Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter serve as substantial platforms for gaining visibility and offer endless possibilities for lead generation.

With a staggering two billion users spending nearly an hour each day on Facebook alone, advertising on this platform enables us to precisely target your desired audience. We utilize demographic, location, interest, and behavior data to tailor your ads for maximum impact, leveraging various formats such as videos, slideshows, carousels, and photos.

What sets these social media advertising channels apart is their ability to analyze traffic and engagement levels generated by your ads. Just like search engine advertising, we continuously fine-tune and optimize your campaigns to achieve optimal results and maximize conversions.

Our PPC Expertise for Unparalleled Results.

Lead generation

Drive more leads at very low costs with our PPC Strategies


Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment


Book more demos and increase LTV


Convert higher quality leads and lower acquisition costs.

Educational Institutes

Increase enrollment & increase your reach to the right audience

Government Agencies

Increase brand awareness and meet your objectives with our custom PPC strategies

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